We are proud to offer data center services that businesses can truly rely on for cutting-edge technology, increased efficiency, streamlined practices, and overall cost-efficient solutions. For us, providing top-notch services means going over and above the status quo.

Why choose NaiTel’s Data Center?

Our tier 3 rated Data Center is strategically placed in the City of Aqaba in Jordan to serve the MENA region. Being a connectivity hub Aqaba is ideal for multiple carrier connections creating a carrier- neutral environment for your business with unmatched compliance, redundancy and security.


Our fiber optic network is advanced and highly reliable. And Naitel’s network connectivity has different carriers.


We operate with an uptime reliability of 99.982%, which is a testament to Naitel’s commitment to clients’ success.


In addition to great customer facilities, Naitel’s Data-Center has extra amenities to create a conducive and efficient environment.


SmartAisle cooling solution with hot and cold zones separated. Advanced IT cooling application and using Vertiv cold aisle system


Whether the end user is an employee, customer, or partner, the performance of your system significantly determines user experience. With major telecommunication carriers in-house, Naitel will help you tailor your connectivity to suit your business needs.


Naitel has mastered the art of achieving the right balance between power and space for optimal operations with an average power density of 3kW per rack. Our data center is designed with a power density capacity that is flexible to ensure more customer satisfaction.

Carrier Neutral Connectivity

whether the end user is an employee, customer, or partner,the performance of your system significantly determine user experience

Backup Power Infrastructure

In case there is a utility failure, a set of backup batteries and redundant diesel-driven generators are on standby to support our data center. Non-stop operation of our generators is made possible by automatic fuel top-ups.


Naitel’s facility utilizes a sophisticated fire suppression system which includes photoelectric smoke detection systems and dual risk ionization, which are pre-action, multi-zone. In addition, we have instant fire protection by gaseous fire suppression systems. All these guarantee contained suppression in case of a fire incident.

Expert Hands

Smart hands is a technical assistance service carried out 24/7 by Naitel’s expert support technicians. Our technicians will respond to emergencies swiftly, improve the up-time of your equipment, and help minimize infrastructure management costs.