Tuesday | Expected record temperatures of up to 30 ° C in the Jordan

Weather of Arabia - The Kingdom is increasingly affected by the warm air mass that is unusual for such a time of year on Tuesday, amid expectations that record temperatures will be recorded in the Jordan Valley, Bahralamite and Aqaba, where maximum temperatures are expected to reach the 30 ° C barrier in those areas.


Temperatures approach the record previously recorded in Aqaba!


The latest output of numerical models indicates that the temperatures exceeded the 30-centigrade barrier in Aqaba during the day on Tuesday, and if this is achieved, the temperatures on Tuesday would have approached the record that was recorded in Aqaba on 3/1/1959, that is, 62 years ago, where degrees were recorded. Record temperatures in Aqaba reached 31.5 degrees Celsius at that time.

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